Be@rbrick Series 16 : Featured Artist

While we are waiting for Medicom Toy to announce the design for the upcoming Be@rbrick Series 16, let us study the Featured Artist of the Be@rbrick Series 16.

Kaeruotoko Shokai

Kaeruotoko Shokai is the company behind the runaway success of The Frogman Show – a popular Japanese TV cartoon and a number of other Flash-based projects.

DJ Ozma

DJ Ozma is a Japanese pop singer, widely rumored to be the alter ego of Kishidan singer Shou Ayanokoji. He first came to prominence in early 2006 and is notorious for his performance at the 57th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen, during which his dancers stripped off their clothes on stage to reveal realistically painted body suits and (in)appropriately placed mushrooms. The station had to later clarify, in light of complaints, that the dancers were clothed, despite their appearance.

DJ OZMA’s songs are generally cover versions by other groups including many Korean artists, such as Koyote and DJ Doc, though the original versions also include Kishidan work.

Information : Be@rbrick Official Website