Be@rbrick Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008

Toysrevil reported the two-tone, red and white Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008 Exclusive Be@rbrick will be available in two versions. It will be given out free upon admission to the Convention at 11:00am on 28 and 29 June 2008.

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Medicom Toy Preview : April 2008

Be@rbrick Batman & Joker [2008/05]

Be@rbrick Tokidoki [2008/08]

Be@rbrick Sasuke [2008/06]

Be@rbrick Stussy Destiny | Be@rbrick Queen

Be@rbrick Queen

After Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones & Oasis, Medicom Toy once again bring you The Best British Band Of All Time – Queen.

This Be@rbrick Queen features the famous Queen Logo designed by Freddie Mercury. The Queen logo, also known as the Queen Crest, was designed by Freddie Mercury who gained a diploma in Illustration and Graphic Design from Ealing Art College in London. The logo features the zodiac signs of all four members: two lions for Leo (Deacon and Taylor), a crab for Cancer (May), and two fairies for Virgo (Mercury). The lions are embracing a stylized letter Q, the crab is resting atop the Q with flames rising directly above it, and the fairies are each sheltering below a lion. There is also a crown inside the Q and the whole logo is over-shadowed by an enormous phoenix. The whole symbol bears a passing resemblance to the Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom, particularly with the lion supporters. The original logo, as found on the reverse-side of the first album cover, was a simple line drawing but more intricate colour versions were used on later album covers.

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