Be@rbrick Detroit Metal City

Detroit Metal City, the famous Gag Manga serialized in Young Animal starting in 2005 got a big support from the Medicom Toy, Tower Records & Beams Store. The 24 episode anime OVA series will be released on August 8, 2008 and followed by the live film adaptation directed by Toshio Lee on August 23, 2008.

Medicom Toy will first include the Be@rbrick Detroit Metal City as the Horror Be@rbrick & the Hidden Version of the Horror Be@rbrick in the Series 16. The official site of DMC Movie also announced that the 50% Be@rbrick Detroit Metal City will be given away the first 10,000 customers who purchase prepaid ticket.

Just a while ago, Beam Store & Medicom Toy together announced the availability of DMC Limited T-Shirt and a set of 3 Beams Version 70% Be@rbrick DMC.

After we spotted the 1000% Be@rbrick Detroit Metal City at the Medicom Toy Exhibition ’08, we believe that Medicom Toy will bring us MORE! Stay tune and we will update you shortly!

Negishi Soichi (Kenichi Matsuyama)leaves his family’s farm in Oita Prefecture for the bright lights of Tokyo. There he swaps his taste in Swedish pop for the totally out-of-character death metal, taking on the role of vocalist in the trio Death Metal City and adopting the name Johannes Krauser II.

We also found some really nice wallpaper from the DMC x Tower Record promotion page. You can download the wallpaper directly from the links below.

800 x 600 | 1024 x 768 | 1280 x 1024

800 x 600 | 1024 x 768 | 1280 x 1024


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