Be@rbrick Ogata Korin (Wind God & Thunder God)

Tokyo National Museum, the oldest and largest museum in Japan turned the painting of the famous Ogata Korin in to the Be@rbrick.

Ogata Korin : Thunder God

Ogata Korin : Wind God

The Wind God and Thunder God paintings are the National Treasure of Japan even though they are just the replica of the artwork of Tawaraya Sotatsu. Wind God and Thunder God control the wind and thunder. In India, Wind God was believed to give fertility to every living creature. This piece has glittering gold leaves, a silver coating that has darkened over the years, and clouds painted with a unique ink technique. It looks as though both Wind and Thunder Gods, divine images of the power of nature, appear suddenly, out of nowhere. With striking color combination and well-balanced gold leaves, this mysterious piece shows an infinite depth of the space.

Tawaraya Sotatsu : Wind God & Thunder God

Ogata Korin (1658 – 1716) was a Japanese painter and lacquerer. He was born in Kyoto, to a wealthy merchant who had a taste for the arts and is said to have given his son some elementary instruction therein. Korin also studied under Soken Yamamoto, the Kano school, Tsunenobu and Gukei Sumiyoshi, and was greatly influenced by his predecessors Hon’ami K?etsu and Tawaraya Sotatsu. On arriving at maturity, however, he broke away from all tradition, and developed a very original and quite distinctive style of his own, both in painting and in the decoration of lacquer. The characteristic of this is a bold impressionism, which is expressed in few and simple highly idealized forms, with an absolute disregard for both realism and the usual conventions. In lacquer, Korin’s use of white metals and of mother-of-pearl is notable; but herein he followed Koyetsu. Korin died at the age of fifty-nine. His chief pupils were Kagei Tatebayashi and Shiko Watanabe, but the present knowledge and appreciation of his work are largely due to the efforts of Sakai H?itsu, who brought about a revival of Korin’s style.

Be@rbrick Ogata Korin : Wind God

Be@rbrick Ogata Korin : Wind God

Be@rbrick Ogata Korin : Thunder God

Be@rbrick Ogata Korin : Thunder God

This set of special Be@rbrick is only available at Tokyo National Museum.


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