Be@rbrick Series 17 : Featured Artist

Medicom Toy had updated the Be@rbrick Official Website with the announcement of the Be@rbrick Series 17. Alexander Girard & The World Of Golden Eggs will be featured in this series of Be@rbrick.

Beside the 2 artists, Medicom Toy might include some world famous comic characters in this series of Be@rbrick.

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Be@rbrick X-Girl Zebra

Medicom Toy is currently working on a Be@rbrick Pattern Project. Every Be@rbrick in this project will designed in “Pattern Format” and come in 2 colorways of 100% & 400% sets. These Be@rbrick Pattern “Double Pack” will start to release in Spring 2009. X-Girl is the first collaborator who announced their Be@rbrick X-Girl Zebra 400%.

We had learned that Mike Mills is the one who handling the design of this Be@rbrick X-Girl Zebra that come in 2 colorways. These 2 sets of Be@rbrick X-Girl Zebra Pink & Be@rbrick X-Girl Zebra Charcoal will be release in January 2008.

Beside the X-Girl, we also heard that Maharishi is also working on this project for their Andy Warhol Pattern.

Kubrick Hello Kitty Quolomo

Quolomo, an apparel, lifestyle creative collective from Tokyo has done another collaborative project with Medicom Toy and Sanrio in the creation of a 400% Limited Edition Kubrick on the unofficial mascot of Japanese culture – Hello Kitty. This is just a plain, simple, no frills Kubrick that adorned with the signature red bow tie.

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BB Be@rbrick Citicall

The famous Hong Kong digital gadget chain store – Citicall, had recently release a set of 5 BB Be@rbrick for their summer promotion. This set of BB Be@rbrick is the very first BB Be@rbrick that available in the market. BB Be@rbrick is the new format of the Be@rbrick that come with 4 screws at the back. The design of the BB Be@rbrick is base on the graphic of some sport activities on 5 colors.

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Be@rbrick Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower had issue a press release of the collaboration with Medicom Toy to announce a special Be@rbrick Tokyo Tower for their 50th Anniversary.

This transparent orange Be@rbrick is partly covered by black paint at the front to form the background of the Tokyo Tower. At the back of this Be@rbrick is the logo that special designed for the 50th Anniversary of Tokyo Tower. This Be@rbrick will be available later this year at ¥1,500.