Be@rbrick Kim SongHe

Medicom Toy is working with Kim SongHe to come out a very special Be@rbrick that contained some objects in the Be@rbrick itself. This pair of 100% & 400% Be@rbrick will be available on the 18th November 2008 at Project 1/6 in Tokyo, Japan. It will be seling at ¥1575 for 100% & ¥7140 for 400%.

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Be@rbrick Daft Punk 400% Twin Pack

After the long long wait, we finally got the pictures and information of the 400% Daft Punk Be@rbrick that had been showcase at the Medicom Toy Exhibition 2008. The design of the Be@rbrick is base on the 100% Be@rbrick Daft Punk “Alive 2007” that release in October 2007.

This set of Be@brick is not only the very first 400% Daft Punk Be@rbrick, it is also the very first 400% Twin Pack that announced by Medicom Toy. But, we had learned that Medicom Toy will release another set of 400% Be@rbrick Twin Pack in December 2008. This will make the Daft Punk Be@rbrick to be the 2nd set of 400% Twin Pack to be available in the market.

This set of Be@rbrick will be available for preorder at ¥10890 in Japan by 24 October 2008. It should be release worldwide in March 2009. Please click the link below for more close-up pictures of the Be@rbrick Daft Punk 400% Twin Pack.

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