Be@rbrick T-600 & Kubrick John Conner Set

Medicom Toy is going to release the Be@rbrick T-600 & Kubrick John Conner Set for the up-coming film – Terminator Salvation. This set of Be@rbrick will be release in May 2009 at ¥3129.

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Kubrick Kiss

Just like The Beatles and Sex Pistols, Medicom Toy now bring you the Kubrick version of KISS! The Kubrick Kiss box set will release in July 2009 at ¥5040 in Japan.

Be@rbrick Series 17 : Hidden Be@rbrick (1:192)

B@0170170′ : Hidden Artist – Alexander Girard (1:192)

B@0170017 : Hidden Matzu MTP (1:192)

B@0170017′ : Hidden Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca (1:192)

B@0170017” : Hidden Celebrity (1:192)