Be@rbrick got Punk’d?!!!

Apparently we spotted a picture earlier of a 400% Be@rbrick Ant (An’t Be@rbrick?) that will release during the Medicom Toy Exhibition ’09 from 20th June – 29th June 2009. The exibition is going to end in another 3 days and the Be@rbrick that claimed to be released in Medicom Toy Exhibition ’09 is not shown up.

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Be@rbrick Series 18 : Hidden Be@rbrick

Last week we spotted some of the Be@rbrick Series 18 Hidden Be@rbrick and we keep waiting for the rest of the Hidden Be@rbrick to show up. Now here is it. Be@rbrick Series 18 Hidden Be@rbrick is all here.

Thanks to Instinctoy for the picture. More picture coming soon.

Be@rbrick Series 18 is available for purchase at Action City. Please log on to the Action City Fans Page [ ] for more information.

Be@rbrick W@tch

Medicom Toy released the first Be@rbrick back in May 2001 as a free gift for the visitor of World Character Convention 12. Since then Be@rbrick comes in different size and using different kind of material in production. Now Medicom Toy and Cayto Inc introduced the Be@rbrick series in virtual format. Be@rbrick W@tch, an application that run in iPhone & iPod Touch.

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Be@rbrick Accessories Collection

Comme des Garçons had released a few Be@rbrick before this. One of my favourite designs is the circle all over the Be@rbrick. That version comes in white, black and pink flock. Personally I do like that design a lot, just keep it simple and another reason is I like white. 🙂

Now, Comme des Garçons teamed up with Medicom Toys once again to launch the Comme des Garçons x Be@rbrick Accessories Collection as part of their Black Collection. This accessories collection consists of necklaces, bracelets, pendants, wallet chains, keychains and mobile phone accessory with the 50% Be@rbrick in gold, silver and bronze metal.

As in jewelry product line, you have to pay the price in order to get this shine on your side. More photos after the jump.

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Medicom Toy Preview : June 2009

Medicom Toy just updated the Be@rbrick Official Website for their latest preview. This update included the Be@rbrick Leilow Hawaii that we reported earlier on. Out of the 13 new Be@rbrick announced, there are only 2 pieces of 400% Be@rbrick. What about the rest of the 400% Be@rbrick we had seen at the Medicom Toy Exhibition ’09?

More photos after the jump.

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