Be@rbrick got Punk’d?!!!

Apparently we spotted a picture earlier of a 400% Be@rbrick Ant (An’t Be@rbrick?) that will release during the Medicom Toy Exhibition ’09 from 20th June – 29th June 2009. The exibition is going to end in another 3 days and the Be@rbrick that claimed to be released in Medicom Toy Exhibition ’09 is not shown up.

Now it released a poster of the Be@rbrick together in a website of the unknown artist “ant” that just been registered on June 19th 2009 – (ant is an’t?) with the pricing and availability. It said that this 400% Be@rbrick Ant priced at ¥10,000 and is Limited Edition.

As what we know, beside those OEM Be@rbrick like Bape or Stussy, Medicom Toy will usually publish the picture of the up-coming Be@rbrick at the official website before it release. Medicom Toy announced the list of Limited Edition Be@rbrick for Medicom Toy Exhibition ’09 sometime ago, but we never heard of this Be@rbrick Ant. We also confirmed with those who visited the Medicom Toy Exhibition ’09, no such Be@rbrick had been exhibit at the Exhibition.

So, what do you think? I say we just got Punk’d! 😉


3 thoughts on “Be@rbrick got Punk’d?!!!

  1. I agree with you– it’s probably a well-planned con / scam.

    As you already said the Ant website was registered only on June 19.
    Other info through WhoIs look up showed the registrant’s detail was protected through a company that’s considered as “smokescreen for swindler” (
    The server where this site is located also has other suspicious sites (for solicitation / prostitution & so on).

    Artist James Jarvis’ name showed up in a string of meta tag from the site. I’m not familiar with his work.
    However, on Jarvis’ personal blog, there is no mention of this limited edition Be@rbrick nor the design.
    Since he has his own toy company (Amos) so I just assume his name has been stolen / used by the scammer to make the scam appear to be more realistic…

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