Arakawa Under the Bridge 70% Be@rbrick Nino ver. / Mayor ver.

Arakawa Under the Bridge 70% rbrick Nino ver. / Mayor ver. Official Information.

  • 50mm
  • Bluray & DVD Exclusive

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Medicom Toy Exhibition 10

Every year in June, Medicom Toy will have their Exhibition. This year Medicom Toy Exhibition 10 held on 19-June until 28-June. In the exhibition we will able to see the upcoming lineup from Medicom Toy. As usual not to be missed is the Be@rbrick that will be displayed too.

So expected to see Be@rbrick Series 20 and others upcoming Be@rbrick. We hope to see more upcoming Be@rbrick especially those unannounced Be@rbrick.

We will cover the exhibition as much as possible. Try to find out any nice upcoming lineup for Be@rbrick.

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Captain Action in Be@rbrick Series 20

Medicom Toy revealed the Be@rbrick Series 20 over the weekend. We know Captain Action will featured in the Be@rbrick Series 20 and finally we able to see the upcoming Be@rbrick design of Captain Action design.

Captain Action was an action figure back in 1966, where he equipped with a wardrobe that allow him to become superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman and more.

Now Captain Action Enterprises, LLC hold the license right of nostalgia property, Captain Action. As the embodiment of the ‘you can be anything you put your mind to‘ mentality, Captain Action resonates will collectors of all ages. They are really looking forward for this Be@rbrick release. Fans of Captain Action will be thrilled of the Be@rbrick as there is a reason why Captain Action categorize as Horror and the special. Opss….

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