Be@rbrick Series 20 Preview

Are you waiting to see this? Be@rbrick Series 20 is here. When I saw this, I was shock by the nice Basic and Jellybean in this Series 20. Basic is back to white. Basic in white is released in Series 4 with blue font color and if you all know this design is the first ever Be@rbrick design released by Medicom Toy. It was back to 27-May-2001, B@-000W. Check out the picture right after the jump.

The Jellybean no longer one color. This time it combined 7 color to form 1 Be@rbrick. Is like a Jellybean collection. Best ever Jellybean. Not only nice Basic and Jellybean, Pattern design also looks nice, not sure is this by SSUR. Then we see South Africa flag, FIFA World Cup 2010 is next month too, now I know why they release this flag.

Follow by Captain Action, Ironman Mark VI that will going to release 400% too. Then we see Toy Story 3, Lots-O’ Huggin Bear as we know Woody and Buzz Lightyear will released in a 2 pcs boxset therefore pretty sure it won’t appear again in Series 20. Gremlins for Horror and the 2 Artist, Krooked and HF.

Well do remember to check out here again tomorrow, more updates will be flooded Toy Beast, You will never forget me.

Picture taken from Toy-Chamelon.


This is the first Be@rbrick that released in 27-May-2001.

Picture taken from


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