Medicom Toy Exhibition 10

We posted the list of Be@rbrick in the Medicom Toy Exhibition 10. We know everyone can’t wait to see it. Here are some pictures taken from HKAnytime. Have some glimpse of the upcoming cool Be@rbrick.

From left to right.

Be@rbrick UNKLE 100%, Be@rbrick UNKLE 400% (Clear ver.)
Be@rbrick SSUR
Be@rbrick radius 400%

Be@rbrick alife 100% & 400%
Be@rbrick NEXUS VII 100% & 400%

Be@rbrick Mickey Mouse 200%
Be@rbrick fragment design 200%
Be@rbrick Birthday 70%

Be@rbrick Levi’s 1000% (Levi’s Denim)

Be@rbrick Charlie Brown 1000%

Credits : HKAnytime


2 thoughts on “Medicom Toy Exhibition 10

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