Upcoming Be@rbrick from Medicom Toy

Medicom Toy Exhibition ’10 was held last month and we posted the list of upcoming Be@rbrick earlier. Here we have a picture of a magazine scan and again we found out some upcoming Be@rbrick pictures.

Let’s us check out the Be@rbrick one by one. Check it out more after the jump.

First we start with Gremlins, lot of upcoming Gremlins from Medicom Toy that include Be@rbrick, Kubrick, Action Figure too. Yesterday we posted the Be@rbrick Gremlins 400% and also found out the Green Gremlins, here is a better picture of the Green Gremlins but next to it should be the Be@rbrick Series 20 Gremlins.

Next is something from Star Wars. It will be the 2 pcs boxset of Star Wars Be@rbrick, C3PO and R2D2 at the upper right. Another classic Be@rbrick.

Lastly are the Medicom Toy x Levi’s 1000%, Charlie Brown 1000% that we posted in our Medicom Toy Exhibition ’10 post. Here is something new is the 4 pcs of Charlie Brown 100%

Credits : J.ME.


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