Be@rbrick Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe, a brand label from France founded by Sophie Albou that also the designer for the brand label. Paul & Joe started with the menwear since 1995. A year later womenwear also joined the Paul & Joe apparel line. In 2002, Paul & Joe expand their line to cosmetic and they launched the Paul & Joe Beaute.

After 10 years, Paul & Joe want the parent and children to have the same stylish fashion therefore they launched the childwear line, Little Paul & Joe. One year later the childwear is launched, they target the new market that is the Ready-to-Wear (RTW) line and they successfully launched the Paul & Joe Sister.

Well is time for Be@rbrick, Paul & Joe will crossover with Medicom Toy and release a Be@rbrick soon. Official picture and information is not yet release but we think it will release in next month update due to we will expect to see this Be@rbrick will release next month. We will see this Paul & Joe Be@rbrick in a nearly complete size for Be@rbrick. It will release in 50%, 100%, 400% and also 1000%.

Stay tunes for more updates soon.

Sophie Albou


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