Be@rbrick by Dr.Romanelli

Dr.Romanelli a.k.a. Dr.X had been working with Medicom Toy for Be@rbrick since in the Be@rbrick Series 14 back in 2004. We saw the design of a doctor design by Dr.X for the Be@rbrick Series 14 – SF. 4 years later, Dr. Romanelli is back with another cool Be@rbrick and for the Halloween season that released in Be@rbrick 100% Set and also 400%. A design with a dissected body really nice for Halloween.

Now Dr. Romanelli is back with 2 more design that going to release soon. Guess what it will be in 100% and also 400%.  We are eagerly to see the design of the Be@rbrick by Dr. Romanelli. But too bad no official picture yet for the Be@rbrick. It won’t need us to wait long. Soon we shall see it.

Stay tune for more news.

Be@rbrick Series 14 – SF

Be@rbrick Dr. Romanelli 400%


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