Medicom Toy – Aug 2010 Updates

As usual we are expecting the updates from Medicom Toy for the Medicom Toy official website and also Be@rbrick. We are expecting something new announcement Be@rbrick as most of the upcoming already shown.

We all are waiting for the announcement for the upcoming 200% Chogokin that showed in the Medicom Toy Exhibition ’10, the Mickey Mouse and Fragment Design. Hope to know when is the release date for both. Some new 400% such as KROOKED, SSUR that we spotted in the Medicom Toy Exhibition ’10 picture. Also the Paul & Joe that we reported earlier and we did spotted that too in the exhibition. One of the most anticipated is the Be@rbrick Halloween 2010 as it will be something special.

Don’t be surprise to see the Be@rbrick Series 21 in the list, but I’m very sure they will just list it and put the release date as Dec 2010. No license will be shown at this time, probably  next updates.

So remember to stay tunes for more updates.


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