Be@rbrick Series 21

Finally here is the Be@rbrick Series 21 design. While waiting for the official to post up, here is what we try to figure out the Be@rbrick si from which designer. This is based on our assumption only.

The 3rd from left, upper row – The Prodigy. Check this out.

Flag – Mexico

Tron Legacy – Daft Punk. But we are confuse why Medicom Toy showing the both. Is it hidden?

1st from left, bottom row – Twin Peaks, check this out.

2nd from left, bottom row – Barbie, check this out.

Bee – Karel Capek

Last, bottom row – Should be Eric Haze.

We unable to find any Harry Potter as shown from the official license. Usually it will be in the Series. Could it be the White one or maybe is Jellybean, since it like have some lightning effect on it? We shall find it out soon.


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