Medicom Toy New BE@RBRICK

We didn’t see wrongly. Yes this is a BE@RBRICK that not usual as just standing or sitting, it is posing. Cool!!!! Seem like Medicom Toy is creating the joint in order to make the BE@RBRICK more poseable just like the Chogokin 200%. We are not sure about this BE@RBRICK but seem this is the new type of BE@RBRICK.

More info soon once we get it.

Pictures from ???? NAUGHTY GUY


MY FIRST B@BY BE@RBRICK (Black & Silver ver.) Chogokin 200%

Are you waiting for this BE@RBRICK? Yes is B@BY as we already have this in 400% and 1000%. Here come the Chogokin 200% for B@BY!!!!!! The wait is over. MY FIRST B@BY BE@RBRICK (Black & Silver ver.) Chogokin 200% was displayed at the Medicom Toy 15th Anniversary Exhibition at Japan. It really damn cool to have this in Chogokin.

More updates soon once we know more.

Pictures from ???? NAUGHTY GUY

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