Happy BE@RBRICK Daruma 70%

Happy BE@RBRICK Daruma 70% posted by Instagram grv1174. Previously released this year BE@RBRICK Daruma 400% now come in 70% too. But no release information for this BE@RBRICK. We noticed that this Happy BE@RBRICK don’t have the all the number that for us to put on and it already have 2 number tied with it. Wondering is this the Medicom Toy New Year BE@RBRICK for all the partners. How nice if this Medicom Toy also drops one for us.

More information soon.


Sneak Preview of BE@RBRICK Series 23

Mostly every year BE@RBRICK Series will release before Christmas, but this year is different. We noticed that BE@RBRICK.com is not updated to Series 23 during the monthly updates. Now we get the news that BE@RBRICK Series 23 will officially release in Japan on 26-Dec-2011. For local collector, we also might see it as soon as after Christmas.

Before we check out those secret, let have a look for some anticipated design in BE@RBRICK Series 23. One of my favorite is the Jellybean as this time with bubble effect. Check out the details picture after the jump. While for Andy Warhol, it ain’t just a plain design. Check it out…

Pictures taken from Instinctoy Blog

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