New Teen Titans Cyborg BE@RBRICK

The another BE@RBRICK that based on the New Teen Titans after the Robin. Cyborg BE@RBRICK that also will be released same as the Robin BE@RBRICK. Fans of New Teen Titans. wouldn’t want to miss this.

Source : Big Bad Toy Store
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Do you like the Sheep by the fragmentdesign? Want something similar to it? The MUVEIL also will go on sale in the BE@RBRICK WORLD WIDE TOUR 2 in Osaka, Japan. It also comes in 400% and 1000%. All we can say is another cute BE@RBRICK to add on your display cabinet.

We are wondering what is the design under the cover? Will it be the usual plain color BE@RBRICK? A blue color BE@RBRICK? We shall know it once we get to know it.

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BE@RBRICK WORLD WIDE TOUR 2 in OSAKA – fragmentdesign – 2nd Model –

fragmentdesign Bunny made a huge changes in the BE@RBRICK 1000% design. It was released during the BE@RBRICK WORLD WIDE TOUR 2 event also and during the event we saw another design that is the Sheep. Well it quite match with the inside BE@RBRICK, the wolf.

As usual the fragmentdesign – 2nd Model – Sheep will release in 400% and 1000%. So which one is your favorite? Well I prefer the 400% as it look more cute.

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One of the favorite for some collector even those who not collect BE@RBRICK. The classic cartoon that we used to watch. It was one of the displayed design during last year BE@RBRICK WORLD WIDE TOUR 2 and now Medicom Toy host another event at Osaka, Japan. The Doraemon BE@RBRICK is on sale during the event.

From the standard 100% to the 400% and not to be missed the 1000% also available. This shall complete the usual set of sizes for BE@RBRICK. We believe in future, Medicom Toy will consider releasing the Happy BE@RBRICK 70% and it would be nice in Chogokin 200% too as lately the Chogokin 200% series is slowing down.

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One of the most exclusive in BE@RBRICK history is the Karimoku Wood BE@RBRICK. Different kind of design already released before even the latest, glow in the dark version also have. But this time I think this the best of all, the Yoshika x BE@RBRICK 400%. In conjunction of the 77 years of Yoshida this BE@RBRICK will come with 2 briefcase.  One if the Yoshida logo while another one is the Medicom Toy.

Another BE@RBRICK for those who collector the Karimoku that shouldn’t miss it. Check out more picture after the jump.

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