BE@RBRICK The Avengers (Damage ver.) 100%

Another set of BE@RBRICK The Avengers that displayed in the Marvels High Design Collection event that revealed the BE@RBRICK Iron Man Mark VIIĀ 1000% and BE@RBRICK Captain America 400%. Set of 4 for The Avengers is displayed but it is a damage version. We are not sure is this is official release by Medicom Toy or is a customize version. No official release date and information regarding this yet.

More to come once we get to know it. Check out another 3 character in damage form from The Avengers after the jump.


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BE@RBRICK Levi’s (R) 1000% was released 2 years ago. This year the Levi’s is back with Black Denim jeans for the BE@RBRICK 1000%. Basically both is identical just the denim color is different as previously is in blue. Quite hard to notice it unless you compare both side by side.

Anywhere it still a Levi’s therefore sure gain some collector for the chase for this. In fact the design is pretty nice too when place next to the blue denim version.

Check out the Levi’s Japan special website for this.

Check out more picture after the jump.

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2012 X’mas BE@RBRICK (Santa Claus & Christmas Tree)

As earlier we posted the picture of the 2012 X’mas BE@RBRICK. Here is the more details picture of the nice Santa Claus and Christmas Tree. Every year X’mas BE@RBRICK is one of the must get for the holiday season. So far it still able to come out something special and nice. This year the pairing is just nice.

This makes me think of, how is the next year design will be? Well I guess still long way to go and at the moment just get this first. This set will release on 17-Nov at Japan. By the way, this is not a 2 pcs boxset. Both sell separately by I think most of the reseller will pair it up. It meant to be in pair.

BE@RBRICK Greeting Series 2

When Medicom Toy released the Greeting Series, I think it was an awesome idea. I like all the design and the idea that they came out. Seems like Medicom Toy is releasing the second version and this time it is another great Greeting Series of BE@RBRICK. Really happy as Medicom Toy didn’t disappoint us and releasing something great again.

This round we have new Wedding design, Happy Birthday, Thank You, Work and Fight. It will be available in Jan 2013.

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