BE@RBRICK Series 25 – Artist – GIZA

Does these Dinosaur looks familiar? Yes we seen these in BE@RBRICK Series 25 and we think it is cute. Mademoiselle Yulia, DJ / artist and an overall trendsetter in the underground fashion / music scene of Tokyo which is also the jewellery designer of her own brand GIZA. Featuring dinosaurs, unicorns, and Egyptian inspired designs, Mademoiselle Yulia is all about creating edgy accessories that are fun to wear, cute styles that are also spiritual.

The dinosaur design is featured as the second Artist for the BE@RBRICK Series 25. Yulia design also crossover with Joyrich, LeSportsac and many more. In the Joyrich x GIZA, we saw the exactly design of the BE@RBRICK.

Head up for more details of Mademoiselle Yulia for GIZA.

Picture taken from thecoolhour

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BE@RBRICK Series 25 – Artist – Sebastian Masuda

Sebastian Masuda is one of the most recognized figures of cutting-edge Japanese pop culture. In 2009, he created and directed the “Harajuku Kawaii Experience,” a world-tour fashion show and talk show event, drawing more than 40,000 fans to the event in San Francisco.

This is not the first time he design BE@RBRICK for Medicom Toy. We seen the 6%DOKIDOKI BE@RBRICK 70%, now he is featured in the BE@RBRICK Series 25 Artist. By looking at the BE@RBRICK, it is similar to his iconic design.

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BE@RBRICK Series 25 – Tokyo Tower

This is really a surprise for us. The pattern series become not really in pattern design anymore. Last series we saw the Gossip Girl with building design in gold chrome. Now we have another pattern design with the famous Tokyo Tower that had been released in BE@RBRICK for few design already. So is it the Pattern series is moving to building pattern design?

Anywhere this Tokyo Tower is still one of our favorite.

BE@RBRICK Series 25 – Accel World – Silver Crow

The BE@RBRICK Series 25 design had been revealed and I’m sure you want to know the background of the BE@RBRICK design. Well we had tried to identified each of the BE@RBRICK. Let’s us begin with this robot design.

This robot is from the manga and recently it released the anime in this year. Accel World is the name and this robot is called Silver Crow. It should have wings at behind therefore I’m wondering how is the design at the back of this. In the anime, it also have another robot that is in black, Black Lotus. This makes us think that, the Black Lotus will be one of the Secret for Series 25? A 1/48 or a bonus pair 1/24?

We shall see it next month. Check out more pictures of the Silver Crow and Black Lotus.

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BE@RBRICK Series 25


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Casio G-Shock 30th Anniversary x MEDICOM TOY BE@RBRICK 400%

Few week back I get to know there will be a G-Shock BE@RBRICK coming soon and was told the design is with a G-Shock watch on the head. That was my surprise when I get to know it, as usually will have just Casio word on the chest. In conjunction of Casio G-Shock 30th Anniversary, here is the BE@RBRICK that will release with the G-Shock watch. These BE@RBRICK will release in January 2013. Is this look awesome? We think it really looks great.

More updates and information will be posted once we get to know more.

Image taken from Keedan