The Unknown BE@RBRICK

Picture taken from Akiba Hobby

This BE@RBRICK looks like the normal 100% but as it is side by side with the upcoming BE@RBRICK Greeting 100% then it is something that we never see before. Appeared at the Autumn 2012 Exhibition at Miyazawa. These four unknown BE@RBRICK is never been seen before. If you try to noticed, the middle of the chest is square and it seem can be pressed.

Pictures by Hobby Search via notman

The secret is revealed by pressing the chest. Bottom on the leg have the LED light. Seem like Medicom Toy releasing something new soon? Well everything remain unknown as no official statement from Medicom Toy yet. Maybe we shall see this in early 2013. By judging the size, we already have 200% that is chogokin, therefore this most probably will be 150%?



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