BE@RBRICK Series 25 – Secret


Yes today is the BE@RBRICK Series 25 release at Japan. So as usual we will dig out the secret in Series 25. Check out all the secret at here. I’m sure you are waiting for it. We saw some cool design in this time secret. Moreover Hello Kitty fans will really need to chase the secret as all the KISS x Hello Kitty is released in this series.

All pictures taken from Yahoo Auction.

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HypeBeast posted the Lunar Force 1 BE@RBRICK set via their Instagram. A very nice pictures of the BE@RBRICK but what caught our attention is the 100% BE@RBRICK in the middle. The one with chrome silver head with red leg. We seems never see that before and as we know BE@RBRICK Series 25 will be release on this weekend at Japan, so will the middle BE@RBRICK is one of the secret for Series 25?

Well we are not surprise to see it too. If it is a secret, then mostly will be 1/192. Nike BE@RBRICK collectors the chase is there for you all.

Picture taken from HypeBeast

BE@RBRICK Dark Knight Rises 400%


We got some news for the Dark Knight Rises BE@RBRICK. Just get to know that the BE@RBRICK Series 24 Dark Knight will be release in bigger version. How big? 400% is it enough for you? At the moment we only know 400% is confirmed, well we believe 1000% sure underway in release for 2013 as we saw Amazing Spiderman, Ironman, those super hero character that release 1000% after the 400%.

We shall see the official announcement for this very soon as it scheduled in release as early as Jan 2013.

Dahood 10th Anniversary BE@RBRICK 100%


Is a decade for Dahood, a sneaker shop that based at Hong Kong, Fa Yuen Street in Mongkok since 2002. Created by Fulvo’s Group corporate, Dahood is the main line mastering the young trendy market. Since the operation now it has 8 stores across over Hong Kong and retail chain store at Shanghai.

Dahood has been one of the Hong Kong’s most reputable contemporary sportswear. In their memorable 10th year anniversary, Dahood work with Medicom Toy to create their very own version of BE@RBRICK, ‘Dahood 10th Anniversary BE@RBRICK 100%’. Thanks to the Dahood Director, Billy Phang that recognizes our passion about BE@RBRICK just like their passion of sneakers and want to share with us the BE@RBRICK by sending us.

BE@RBRICK design in color of Tiffany Blue with their Dahood logo on the body. Spoil your feet the motto of Dahood. The 10th word on left and right ear to show their anniversary. Behind is just the simple Dahood 10th Anniversary logo.

A limited edition Dahood 10th Aniversary BE@RBRICK 100% is available now at Dahood, Hong Kong. By just purchase HKD1,000 and above you are entitled to have this BE@RBRICK for free or you can just get this at the Dahood shop for HKD99. So people at Hong Kong, is time to SPOIL YOUR FEET (motto by Dahood) by grab a new pair of sneakers and get this limited edition BE@RBRICK before it too late.

More info at here and check out their website at

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