BE@RBRICK Greeting ver. 3


Congratulation for Medicom Toy that releasing the 3rd series for the BE@RBRICK Greeting. A series that we feel is quite awesome till now, at least something new and great design by them. They continue the series which we think will be release 2 series in a year just like the BE@RBRICK series based on current release.

This time they introduce 2 more new greeting, that is the posted Congratulation and Talisman Family Safety. While the Marriage and Happy Birthday get version 3. Guess this 2 greeting will continue to have more design. Lastly the Birth also get version 2.

A bit disappointed with the Marriage version 3 due to it look quite similar to the Marriage version 1. Anyway it still a good series to collect. We really hope they can have more design such as Chinese costume wedding, Korean, and all the Asian country religion marriage costume. That will be awesome isn’t it?

These BE@RBRICK Greeting ver.3 will release in May 2013.

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Project 1/6 THANK YOU BE@RBRICK 2013


Project 1/6 the store at Japan are releasing their 14th and 15th design of BE@RBRICK. Project 1/6 THANK YOU BE@RBRICK 2013, limited 1,000 pcs. In order to get it, spend 1,000 YEN to get a stamp, once get total of 10 to redeem one.

The quite basic design from Project 1/6 and we are sure, collector won’t want to miss this too.

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BE@RBRICK Greeting ver. 3


BE@RBRICK Greeting Series started since last year and the Series 3 is going to announce soon. This Greeting Series really a good series and I believe the response from the fans also good. Overall the design didn’t failed us. But by looking as the release of this Series, this is the third series since August 2012. It is quite fast too.

Hope the design will get better as this Series 3 Wedding, look a bit like the Series 1. We was hoping they can release different religion of wedding costume, such as Chinese, Korean, Indian, and so on.

Here are the BE@RBRICK Greeting ver. 3 for Wedding and Happy Birthday that listed to release on May 2013.


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OriginalFake 2006-2013


Today announced by KAWS, OriginalFake will be closing on May 2013.

May 2013 marks the seventh year anniversary of OriginalFake, and it is at this time that Medicom Toy and I have chosen to close the shop and company. It’s been an amazing opportunity to work with Medicom Toy on this project as well as working with Masamichi Katayama of Wonder Wall to create the interior of the shop and Konno of Nexus7 who’s incredible talent really added sophistication to the clothing that we produced. I really want to thank the staff in production as well as in our shop. If you ever entered our shop you already know how awesome they are! I would also like to thank all the companies that collaborated with us, your friendship and support has always really meant a lot, and to everyone who has supported OriginalFake,THANK YOU! and I hope to see you all in the next chapter!

It’s all been really fun…

Throughout the 7 years, we saw lot of work from OriginalFake and I think is a great work from behind to make all this happened. Guess the OriginalFake items will start price hiking in the market soon after this message is announced. Well let’s see what is Medicom Toy is working on after this great work.

2013 Valentine BE@RBRICK 100%


The annual season BE@RBRICK. After celebrating the new year, the first BE@RBRICK for the season series is the Valentine. Without any surprise from Medicom Toy as they had been using the same design for couple of years. From normal to glow in dark then not to missed the chrome version of Valentine BE@RBRICK. So what else for next years? A new design for the new cycle? Hope they can really make it more interesting.

2013 Valentine BE@RBRICK will release at Japan on 19-Jan-2013.

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Fred Perry 60 Years Gallery – Medicom Toy


Celebrating Fred Perry 60 Year Anniversary, designers, musicians, artists and sports people were sent a reproduction of the original 1952 Fred Perry shirt and asked to personalize the shirt with a birthday message or full-blown customization. All shirts will be displayed online in the 60 Year gallery at, in-store and at anniversary events before being auctioned for charity later in the year, with all proceeds going to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

We seen Medicom Toy had collaborate with Fred Perry for the 60th Anniversary BE@RBRICK therefore now here is the design by Medicom Toy for the 1952 Fred Perry shirt. The design resembled BE@RBRICK design and a United Kingdom flag, the Union Jack.

Check it out the design.

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