BE@RBRICK – Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo


Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo BE@RBRICK 2pcs set is here again. This time total of 3 sets so we have 6 design. Once again for Evagelion fans, this set E, F, and G is going to release in late July 2013. Yet another not to be missed collection if you already have the previous version of this set.


BE@RBRICK mastermind JAPAN 200%


It had been quite sometime after the last release of BE@RBRICK Chogokin 200% since end of 2011 which is the BE@RBRICK Love Bianco. Last year we didn’t see any 200% in release list. Now as we know mastermind JAPAN will shut down this year. mastermind JAPAN had been collaborate with Medicom Toy for release various sizes of BE@RBRICK. But so far 200% wasn’t release before for mastermind JAPAN.

So here come the mastermind JAPAN Chogokin BE@RBRICK 200% is here to complete collector collection before the end of mastermind JAPAN. Pictures posted by J.ME in Facebook and no further information is given.

We shall get more information soon for this but as now we know, it will be release.

BE@RBRICK Greeting 400%


Are you expecting and waiting for this? BE@RBRICK Greeting Series was released since September 2012 and we believe it was a great idea and the design was pretty good throughout the releases. After about 6 month since the first release, Medicom Toy had announced the third installment for the Greeting Series, means that they area also looking forward for this series.

So now we get to know that Medicom Toy will release the BE@RBRICK Greeting Series in 400%. So far as we know Marriage and Happy Birthday was doing well and it will come in 400%. Well Marriage version is a good idea as a gift for those having they wedding and Happy Birthday is another ideal gift for those who birthday. Pretty good too.

BE@RBRICK Greeting 400% planned for release in July 2013 according to a listing from HobbyCrazy. Will Medicom Toy continues release 400% for version 2, 3 and so on or maybe 1000% (I guess they will for Marriage version at least) well stay tunes for more updates soon.

Meanwhile we saw Marriage and Happy Birthday also will get version 4 in July. More to come.

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BE@RBRICK “my bloody valentine” / “mbv” 100%


Rock bank, My Bloody Valentine celebrating their release of new album titled ‘m b v’ that was released in 2 Feb 2013 are also to release a pair of BE@RBRCK in June.

One design with the full name, My Bloody Valentine while another with album titled, m b v. We like both design, the purple color design is nice while the blue version with some print of it also looks great.

Check out the group, My Bloody Valentine.

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