BE@RBRICK 100% & 400%


The brown cardboard design, yes the signature design for Amazon. BE@RBRICK 100% & 400% is set to release in December 2013.



BE@RBRICK – Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma (Flock ver.) 100%


We knew this will be released. We also know collectors is waiting for it. Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma first released was in 400% as a celebration of BE@RBRICK 10th Anniversary, I believe lot of people like it including those that not a BE@RBRICK collectors. While celebrating of BE@RBRICK anniversary, the 100% is featured in Series 23 as Cute and follows by 70% Birthday BE@RBRICK. Other than this, BE@RBRICK USB also release for both design.

Lately it just announced Rilakkuma will be release in 1000% and also 400%. Celebrating 10th Anniversary of Rilakkuma, the clear version is released this month. Guess the heat of Rilakkuma is still running, therefore we have Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma in flock version for 100% that will release in late Dec 2013.

Well it seems like Rilakkuma had released in all the sizes of BE@RBRICK except the 50% and 200% Chogokin that lately is quite slowing down in releasing. We have no idea of it but it maybe in their upcoming release list.

Garage of BE@R


This isn’t an exhibition hall or an event. A private garage with a huge BE@RBRICK collector by designer Nui Suwannatrai and Prang Jenpanichkarn of OpenBox. In conjunction with architect firm Onion‘s directors Arisara Chaktranon and Siriyot Chaiamnuay, this Thailand-based garage displays both a varied collection of exotic cars and vivid assortment of colorful BE@RBRICK in 400% and 1000% sizes.

I believe when a BE@RBRICK collectors see this, they will have the same reaction as I do when I looking at it. It like every collector dream. Nicely display of the huge collection of BE@RBRICK. If there is a chance, really would like to pay a visit to this ‘Garage of BE@R’.

Seriously it is AWESOME !!!!

Check out more picture of the garage and for more click here.

Pictures taken from Wison Tungthunya’s Photography

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