BE@RBRICK VENOM 100% & 400%


We have Wolverine and now Venom. Will Medicom Toy release more released Marvel Heroes? Well let’s see. Anywhere this had draw me attention as 1000% is in their release list for 2014?

BE@RBRICK VENOM set to release in Feb-2014.


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Photography, Gadget, Technology, Be@rbrick collector. Editor of ToyBeast. - I am who I am -

2 thoughts on “BE@RBRICK VENOM 100% & 400%

  1. Hi Adrian! My name is Karen, i am an art student studying in the UK.
    I am currently writing a case study about Be@rbrick, and would like to know more about them. I would be much appreciated if you can help answering me a few questions.

    1) Why and When did you start collecting Be@rbricks?
    2) Why and When did you start setting up the Blog page “ToyBeast”?
    3) Where and How do you get the latest information about Be@rbricks?
    4) Why do you love collecting them? Is it simply just because of their look?
    5) Do you know the ideas, history, and story behind those Be@rbricks?

    Thank you so much, hope to hear from you!:)

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