Last year we have the collaboration tee from UNIQLO UT with Medicom Toy for BE@RBRICK. Guess what, it is coming again in June 2014. This should be part of Spring/Summer 2014 UT collection designed by NIGO.

We love all the design, the simple signature UT logo on BE@RBRICK.

Thanks to @fairlybleak for the picture.


BE@RBRICK Series 28


Late March, Medicom Toy announced the license for upcoming BE@RBRICK Series 28. CLOT is featured in the license list. Is great to have CLOT back in collaboration with Medicom Toy. The last collaboration is the recently released, Wedding series dress in Chinese wedding costume.

Right after the announcement, Edison Chen posted an image that appeared to be the Series 28 box design in his Instagram. Well of course no BE@RBRICK design is shown, but we know from the picture, box color is yellow.

Stay tune for more updates.