Teaser of CLOT in Series 28?


We know that CLOT will be featured in Series 28. But the standard design is release, and no sign of CLOT BE@RBRICK. Edison Chen just posted this images in his Instagram and with caption ‘#staytuned#imcold#polarbearbrick@clotinc#medicomtoy 10YEARSofCLOT‘. The caption draw our attention as earlier Edison Chen also posted the Series 28 box with caption ‘@clotinc particpation in BEARBRICK series 28 !!! I’M COLD ⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️ #medicomtoy‘. Well it does match.

So we believe this will be one of the secret in Series 28 and it will be 1/192 ratio.

Stay tune for more.


BE@RBRICK Series 28


Oh Yeah !!!! BE@RBRICK Series 28 is here……

Thanks to BE@RBRICK Mania for the sharing the upcoming to release B@RBRICK Series 28. When we saw it, it just WOW. Well personally after the not very good Series 27 and the secret, this time the basic is well done and we do hope the secret will be another wow for collector too.

Waiting for the release Series 28.


BE@RBRICK Series 28


Late March, Medicom Toy announced the license for upcoming BE@RBRICK Series 28. CLOT is featured in the license list. Is great to have CLOT back in collaboration with Medicom Toy. The last collaboration is the recently released, Wedding series dress in Chinese wedding costume.

Right after the announcement, Edison Chen posted an image that appeared to be the Series 28 box design in his Instagram. Well of course no BE@RBRICK design is shown, but we know from the picture, box color is yellow.

Stay tune for more updates.

BE@RBRICK Series 28



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The license for BE@RBRICK Series 28 is announced. Only 4 license and well CLOT is back for collaboration with Medicom Toy. This will help lot of collectors waiting for it. Then we saw the first is the Godzilla, following with Halo and last should be an anime character.

Let’s wait for another 2 months for the design.