Tokidoki Bicycle Playing Cards

Do you want more Bicycle Playing Cards? Previously released for BE@RBRICK Bicycle now come from the Tokidoki character for the Bicycle Cards. Cute and awesome Tokidoki now in cards.

This Tokidoki Bicycle Playing Cards will release in 26-August-2012. Tokidoki fans shouldn’t miss this.


RoboCard Mail by gagatree

We collector likes the unique and innovative design from around the world. We came across this RoboCard by Gagatree. Gagatree have the passion for creating products that are graphically inspired, beautifully designed, incredibly fun and uniquely Asian. It started since 2006 when Gagatree see their dream design  in shelves of retail spaces in Singapore. Varieties range of products from gagatree you can check it out at their blog. They won recognition from the design world for some of their products and now they are releasing another cool idea that is RoboCard Mail.

RoboCard Mail started after the successor of RoboCard, a corrugated cardboard Robot that stands 43cm tall and has a cavity in the middle that holds 14 CDs! When clients from oversea request for their RoboCard, the idea of RoboCard Mail is prompted. Acknowledging the fact that traditional 2D greeting cards nowadays are rarely a keepsake by the recipient, the RoboCard Mail was specially sized to be snail mailed and aims to bring life back to traditional greeting cards, allowing the recipient to display the card in 3D style. The Tin Robot of the old days was the main inspiration behind this creation whilst the simplicity of putting together the parts like that of cardboards, formed the foundation of the structure.

Check out their latest collaboration, DevilRobots and Gagatree. This design was launched in last year STGCC in Dec 2010.

Gagatree products mainly available at Singapore and USA (through DKE Toys and MOMA NY). Check out their location at Singapore and do remember to check out their blog from more information.

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