Be@rbrick C-3PO & R2-D2 100% 2-Pack Set

Be@rbrick C-3PO & R2-D2 100% 2-Pack Set Official Information

  • Release Date : Dec-2010
  • 70mm

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Be@rbrick got Punk’d?!!!

Apparently we spotted a picture earlier of a 400% Be@rbrick Ant (An’t Be@rbrick?) that will release during the Medicom Toy Exhibition ’09 from 20th June – 29th June 2009. The exibition is going to end in another 3 days and the Be@rbrick that claimed to be released in Medicom Toy Exhibition ’09 is not shown up.

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Medicom Toy Exhibition ’09 T-Shirt

At this year’s Medicom Toy Exhibition, a wide collection of toys were on display including the upcoming Be@rbrick & Kubrick collection. In conjunction with the exhibition, a number of t-shirts were produced and sold at the exhibition. The t-shirts include collaboration with Comme des Garcons, Neighborhood, Stussy & TMT.

Photo of the t-shirts after the jump.

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Medicom Toy Exhibition ’09 : List Of Be@rbrick

Below is the list of Be@rbricks that been showcase at the Medicom Toy Exhibition 2009.

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