Be@rbrick Series 20 – Secret

We was quite surprise to see this. Momotaros Imagin was featured in Be@rbrick Seris 19 SF Secret as we don’t know why too due to not in the Series. But now we might know it why. It comes again with an alternate color.

More more is coming…..


Taipei Toy Festival : Be@rbrick, Kubrick & Other Medicom Toy Products

We are here in Taipei enjoying the good time, great food & the celebration of designer toys. Here are some pictures of Medicom Toy products that we took during the visit to Taipei Toy Festival [ TTF ]. More picture will be available soon. Enjoy!

Be@rbrick, Kubrick & other Medicom Toy are available for purchase and preorder at Action City. Please log on to the Action City Fans Page [ ] for more information.