BE@RBRICK Greeting 100%


The new series of BE@RBRICK Greeting that set to release during the Medicom Toy Exhibition ’13. These all is set to be special edition release for event. Most of the design is nothing new just a minor change in color. Check out the Marriage, Sorry, Child, Happy Birthday and Thanks version.

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BE@RBRICK Greeting 400%


BE@RBRICK Greeting a series that is doing quite well. Some of the design is ideal to make it in 400%. Now Medicom Toy release the first batch of 400% for the greeting series. BE@RBRICK Greeting (Marriage and Happy Birthday ver.) in 400%.

Guess the Happy Birthday would be an awesome gift for those celebrating and Marriage is really nice for your friends or even yourself as wedding display.

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UNIQLO UT x BE@RBRICK (Hong Kong ver.)


Today we inform that UNIQLO Malaysia will only release the UT x BE@RBRICK in mid of June. Now we have UNIQLO Hong Kong that will release on next monday, 20-May-2013. What is more, posted in UNIQLO Hong Kong website, a pair of polka dot BE@RBRICK is shown. Not sure about the details yet, but how nice if all design of the tee also have the BE@RBRICK.

More updates soon.


The BE@RBRICK is free if purchased HKD300 with condition must purchase at least 1 pcs of UT x BE@RBRICK Polkadot design. If purchase more than HKD600 with 2 pcs of tee then entitled to get 2 BE@RBRICK and HKD900 with condition of 3 pcs of tee.

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UNIQLO collaborate with BE@RBRICK to release their series of UT. Showed at UNIQLO China website, a total of 6 design with 9 styles. 3 design come with 2 colour for each. At the moment we are still didn’t see UNIQLO Japan is updated with these. We are hoping it reach the Asia market soon especially for Malaysia and Singapore.

Stay tune for more updates once we get to know more. Check out the design, we like all of it.


We just got reply from UNIQLO Malaysia.

Thank you for your email.

The UNIQLO BEARBRICK UT collection will be tentatively launched in mid of June 2013.

For more updates, please ‘Like’ our official UNIQLO Malaysia Facebook page at or check out website at

With the release at Malaysia, I believe it also will be in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore. You may check with your own country UNIQLO.

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